before and after

Before and After
Take a look at pictures of before and after. It is amazing how the houses in Avgonima looked.

avgonima all seasons hotel reception cafe

Reception cafe
Enjoy your stay with a nice Greek coffie or a soft drink in the morning or right after a swim in the afternoon.

Elinda beach

Elinta beach
Elinta beach is 10 min away from the village and is a wonderful beach with a tower on its right. It is a great hike to the tower and from the top is an amazing view of most of the island!


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Reviews and Awards
See the awards we have recievied and reviews we have goten from our costumers!

Rare mastic gum, produced only on Chios Island Greece!

The small island of Chios in the Aegean Sea is the only place in the world that can produce mastic gum. And that is why it has been capturing the spotlight out of the world.

From the time of ancient Greece, mastic gum had been taken from the Mastic tree and dried, and put into the mouth to masticate as it was just like the natural chewing gum, It had the particular smell that was very similar to the cypress, and also it was well known by changing the smell of the mouth to be better and moreover by being effective for the health of the stomach. Women in those days felt that it was very nice and useful for their life, and also there was high value on Gum mastic to be exchangeable for gold, so that there was high popularity among traders.

The one who is interested in this natural herb chewing gum produced in Chios Island, Greece has to look into, which has been taken over to the present age through thousands of years.
In December 24 1998, the report was carried on New England Journal of Medicine" authorized globally by three British medical specialists, concerned about the usefulness of Gum mastic for the Helicobacter Pylori. In that, they announced that if Gum mastic produced in Chios Island, Greece was taken continuously for 2 or 3 weeks with 1g per day, the recovery effect would have appeared for the short period of time. Since then, the small island in the Aegean Sea which can only produce Gum mastic has been capturing the spotlight out of the world.

Mastic gum is also used for cooking and deserts but also used just as chewing gum with the big difference that it is healthy for you at the same time. Try it!

When on the island you can find the product at many places, like mastixa shop.

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