ouzoOuzo drinking is an art. Or maybe it's a way of life. Whatever it is, Chios is known for it's ouzo. Most cafe owners in Greece will admit that the best ouzo comes from here and they probably carry one of the more popular Chios brands. But it's not the ouzo but who you drink it with that really makes the experience.

The key to drinking ouzo is to eat snacks known as mezedes. These keep the effects of the alcohol from overwhelming you and enable you to sit and drink slowly for hours in a profoundly calm state of mind where all is beautiful and life is fine. In the villages where life is slow ouzo is partaken day or night. On Sundays after church the cafeneons are full of lively voices and singing, including sometimes the village priest. In many cafeneons the cooking is done by men, but in some it is a woman who does the cooking and serving and acts as den mother to the old men who come around each day. She knows their likes and dislikes, favorite seats and personal history.

WARNING! If you don't like licorice you won't like Ouzo