What it is and how to Say it

List of foods and Descriptions

saladsagChoriatiki Salata (hoe-ree-ah-tee-key sa-lah-tah): Village salad or what we in America call a Greek Salad, except here you usually don't get lettuce. It generally consists of Tomatoes(tho-mah-tes),Cucumbers(an-goo-ree), Onions(crem-ee-thya), Feta, Oil(la-thee), vinigear (ksee-dee) and olives(ill-yes). Sometimes they leave off the feta so you have to ask for it and they charge you extra. When I order I ask for a hoe-ree-ah-tee-key meh feh-tah, a village salad with feta, just to avoid this. If you want it without any of the above items just tell the waitor: hoe-ris (without) and the name of the item. In Sifnos get it with mee-zee-thra which is a soft feta they make on the island.
Sadziki (sahd-zee-key): Yogurt, cucumber and garlic, and salt. Great on fresh Greek bread.

Melitzana Salata (mel-its-zan-na sal-ah-ta): Eggplant salad. Like Babaganoush in the middle east. Eaten on bread.

Tarama Salata (tah-rah-mah sal-ah-tah): roe of carp. Greek caviar. Don't be afraid to try it. It doesn't taste like you expect. Eaten on bread.

Saganaki (saga-nah-ki): fried cheese. Sometimes comes with tomato sauce. I like it plain with lemon.

Capari Salata (cap-ah-ri sa-lah-tah): Caper salad. Sifnos specialty. Goes on bread.

Tiro Salata (tee-row sa-lah-tah): Cheese salad. Strong sometimes spicy. Spread on bread

Olives (ill-yes): a hundred different varieties. Don't say you don't like olives until you have tried them all. You may find one you can't live without.

Casseri(keh-seh-ree) Soft cheese like mozzerela.

kefalotiri: (kef-ah-lo-tee-ree): Hard cheese like parmesian but eaten in pieces.

dopio tiri (tho-pyo-tee-ree): local cheese. Ask for it on the islands or in villages on the mainland.

Keftedes (kef-teh-des): Deep-fried Meatballs. Other areas have their own variety of keftedes. Sifnos has Revithiakeftedes (reh-veeth-ya-kef-teh-des), made from chickpeas. Santorini has Domatokeftedes (tho-mah-toh-kef-teh-des) made from Tomatoes. There are also Tirokeftedes (tee-row-kef-teh-des) made with cheese and psarokeftedes (psah-row-kef-teh-des) made with fish. They are all delicious.

Spanakopita (span-ah-koh-pee-tah) Spinach pie

Tiropita (tee-row-pee-ta): Cheese pie

Kreatopita (kray-ah-toh-pee-tah): Meat pie

Lakanika (la-cah-nee-kah): Cabbage salad.

Horta (hoar-ta): Boiled greens. Very healthy and good with lemon, oil and vinigear.

Vleeta (vlee-tah): Cooked and served like horta but different greens. Restaurants will have one or the other.

Yigendes (yee-gen-des): Big beans like lima beans served either with oil and lemon or with tomatoe sauce.

Fava(fah-vah): Dip or stew made from yellow split peas that can be eaten with a spoon or with bread.

Kolokithikia Vrasta(koh-loh-kee-thak-ya vras-tah): Boiled zuchinni seasoned with oil, lemon and sometimes vinegar.

Patates Tiganites (pa-tah-tes tee-gah-nee-tes): fried potatoes. Greek french fries blows MacDonalds away. It must be the oil.

Patates to Fourno (pa-tah-tes toh for-no): Oven roasted potatoes. My favorite dish.

Briam(bree-am): roast vegetables. Usually contains potatoes, onions, zucchini, eggplant, garlic and tomatoes.

Rivithia (reh-vee-thya): Chickpea stew. Araka (ah-rah-kah): Peas. Cooked with onions and tomatoes.

Stifado(stee-fah-doh): Stew made with lots of small onions, tomatoes and either rabbit (kou-nell-ee), lamb(ar-nee), or octopus(ock-toh-poh-thee).
Dolmades (doh-mah-des): Grape-leaves stuffed with rice, onions and sometimes ground beef.

Macaronia (mak-ah-ron-ya): Spagetti as we call it. Served with ground beef (meh kee-mah) or tomatoe sauce (sal-tsa). If you want to say without meat say ho-ris kray-ahs.

Mousaka (moo-sah-kah): Baked and similar eggplant parmegeon but not as tomato saucy. Contains eggplant, potatoes, onions, ground beef, oil, cinnamin, and a flour, milk and butter topping.

Pastitsio(pah-sti-tsyo): Like Lasagna but not as saucy. Layered noodles, meat, tomato sauce and topping similar to mousaka but denser.

Anginares (ang-ee-nar-es): Artichokes in lemon and egg sauce with potatoes.

Lamb (arn-nee)Dishes


Fricasse (arn-nee free-cah-seh): Stew made with spinach, lemon, eggs and oil.
Psito(psee-toh) Leg of lamb roasted with potatoes.
Sta Carbona(stee-car-bon-ah): charcoal grilled.
Pidakia (pie-dye-kya): Ribs grilled.
Mastelo (ma-stel-oh): chios cheese

Chicken (Koh-toh-poo-loh)


Psito or To Fourno (toh four-no): Oven Roasted with potatoes or roast.
Me Saltsa (meh sal-tsah): In red sauce.
Tis skaras(tis ska-ras): On the grill
Souvlas (sou-vlas): Shishkabob
Stithos (stee-thos): Breast
Podi (po-thee): Leg

Grilled Meats


Khirini (khe-ree-nee) Pork
Brizoles (bree-zoh-les):Steak
Souvlakia (sue-vlak-yah): Shish-cabob
Loukanika (lou-con-ee-kah): sausage
Kokoretsi(ko-ko-ret-see): Entrails of lamb wrapped up and roasted on a spit.
Kontosouvli (konto-sou-vli): Big hunks of pork cooked on a spit.


kalamarism foodkal

Kalamarikia (kah-la-ma-rike-ya): Squid. Frozen is usually fried in small pieces. Fresh is usually fried whole. Both delicious with lemon.

Astako (as-tak-ko): Lobster. Mediteranean stylen no claws

Garides (ga-ree-des): Shrimp, usually large and grilled

Xifia (ksee-fee-ya): Swordfish. Grilled steaks or souvlaki.

Barbounia(bar-boon-ya): Red Mullet. Expensive and delicious grilled or fried.

Koutsoumoura (koo-tsoo-moo-ra): Another variety of red mullett. Not as tasty but better than most fish.

Marides(mar-ree-des): Small deep-fried fish that can be eaten whole, heads bones and all.

Gopes (go-pes): Small tasty in-expensive fish served fried or grilled. Sea Bream in English.

Lythrini (lee-three-nee): White delicious flesh, served grilled or fried. Bream family too.

Tsipoura (tsee-poo-ra): Also in bream family and considered a great delicacy. Not to be confused with tsee-poo-ra which is the ouzo of northern Greece)

Sargos (sar-gos): bream can be eaten grilled or fried.

Melanouri (mel-ah-new-ree): Saddled Bream can be eaten grilled or fried.

Sparos (spa-ros):Annular Bream can be eaten grilled or fried.

Synagrida (See-na-gree-da): Dentex Sea-bream is boiled or grilled in steaks

Fagkri (Fah-gree): Couch's Sea-bream is boiled, grilled or baked or served baked as Plaki (pla-kee).

Savridi (sah-vree-dee): Mild mackerel usually eaten fried.

Kolios (Kohl-yos): Chub mackerel is eaten grilled fried or baked. Grilled is best.

Skoumbri (skoom-bree): Common mackerel served grilled fried or pickled

Skaros (skah-ros): Breed of parrot fish. Delicious fried or grilled but rarely found in restaurants.

Sfirida(sfee-ree-da): Kind of grouper. Cut into steaks and grilled or used in Plaki or fish soup.

Soupia(soup-ya): Cuttle fish. Served grilled or with a red wine-sauce.

Midia (Me-dia): Mussels, Steamed or in a wine sauce.

Bakaliaro(bak-ah-lar-oh): Fried codfish served with garlic sauce (skor-da-ya).

Galeos (ga-lay-os), shark is also served this way.

Octopodi (ock-toh-poh-thee) Octopus. Delicious like filet-minion. Can be served grilled (tis ska-ras) or boiled (vrah-stah). Excellent with ouzo by the sea.

Lakerda (lak-air-da): Marinated tuna. Like Sushi Great with ouzo. Lesvos specialty.

Gounos (goo-nos): Spicy sin-dried and grilled mackerel found in Poros and Lesvos

Sardeles (sar-dell-es): Sardines. Can be served fried, or from the can with oil. In Lesvos a special treat is pastes (pas-tess) which means that the sardines were caught that morning, salted on the boat and served raw that night. With ouzo it can't be beat.

Rega(reh-ga): smoked herring in olive oil. Usually an appetizer.

Pestrofa (pes-tro-fa): Fresh water trout from northern Greece eaten many different ways.

Glossa (glo-sa): Flounder, usually served grilled when you can find it.

Psarosoupa (psar-oh-soup-ah): Fish soup. Potatoes, lemon and egg base, can be ordered with or without fish.



Bread is psoh-me.

Eggs are av-ga.

Omelet is Om-eh-let-ah. Try it with feta or the famous potato omelets(pa-ta-to om-eh-let-ah).

Watermellon is kar-poo-zee

Honeydew Melon is peh-pon-ee

Apple is me-lo

Rice pudding is ree-zo-gah-low

Yogurt is ya-oar-ti
With fruit is me fruit-ta

Ice-Cream is pa-go-tow
With honey is meh mel-lee

Wine is Krah-see. Red is Koh-kee-no. White is as-pro. Kee-ma is homemade from the barrel.

Patsa (Pat-sa): Tripe soup. Good for hangovers.

Glass is po-tee-ree.

Caraffe is ka-ra-fa-kee.

Bottle is boo-kal-ee.

Water is neh-ro.

Menu is cat-ah-lo-go.

Check is lo-ga-ree-as-mo.

Thank-you is ef-ka-ree-sto.