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Stay 2 nights or more and pay 35 Euros a night for apartment! 45 Euros for a house!

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Avgonima Rooms in Chios Greece

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Greek Food that you find in Chios Greece Restaurants   Greek Food
Enjoy Greek food at 3 different tavern restaurants. The restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Caves in Chios Greece  Caves of Chios
Must see the caves when in Chios. One cave in Olympi and the other in Agios Galas.



Mastixa Mastiha Chios Greece


Enjoy Mastiha products when in Chios and if you like it bring some back home so your friends can try it also now you can find it most countries so even try it before in Chios.

Avgonima Sunset Chios Greece
It is said we have one of the best sunsets on the planet come and judge it on your own.

Elinda Beach Chios Greece
Elinta beach is 10 min away from the village and is a wonderful beach with a tower on its right. It is a great hike to the tower and from the top is an amazing view of most of the island

  Pictures of beaches

  Pictures of mountains

  Pictures of sunset

Avgonima is LOCATED 20 kilometers from the islands town. Avgonyma is a medieval village on the top of a mountain. All the houses are built with rocks from the mountains. The village is surrounded by forest and has an amazing view of the ocean.

Avgonima before and after

  Before and after pictures
Take a look at pictures of before and after. It is amazing how the houses in Avgonima looked.

Paintball in Chios Greece
If you like paintball then come play in Avgonima only a walk away. .

  Great View
Avgonima has an amazing view both of the mountains around the village and the sea. You can see the island of Psara and all the way to Mesta and Volliso.

Avgonyma Village great Sunset

 Welcome to Avgonima All Seasons Hotel.

You will find us in   “Chios Greece” ,  on a nice and quiet Medieval Village in the middle of the Island of Chios 20 minutes from Chios town. We will always try to be one of chios top chios hotels.

Avgonima Apartments

Enjoy your stay at our village at one of our five apartments. We also have apartments for the whole family, 2 floor apartments so the kids can have there own floor. This way the parents can enjoy there stay as well as the kids.

A/C, Heating, Fridge, Kitchen, Balcony, View to mountain and sea, mini Bar, Hair Dryer, Living Room, Sitting Area, Reception , Lounge,Cafe TV Room

Avgonima Apartments

Winter Snow
Some times in the winter it snow. When it snows it is something you have to see.To understand us please see our pictures by pressing more.

Avgonima Apartments

Sit around the fire and enjoy a dvd movie from our large selection of DVDs 400 titles. Every apartment and house has a dvd player and a Lcd TV 32 inches.


Chios, Greece, Avgonima 82100 Telephone: +306947941810             
Please call us for any information at any time or email us at and if we don't have any apartments or house free we will try to find you a hotel at any other chios hotels. Beacuse we are members of Chios Hotels.

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